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Peter Apatow

I have been challenged with severe joint problems in my left hip since my early 20’s. My condition continued to get worse over the next 10 years. I became very immobile, deconditioned, gained significant weight, and was plagued by depression and low self-esteem. I made a decision to take control of my condition. The pharmaceutical strength daily dosage of glucosamine and chondroitin found in Supple®, the same potency as what is prescribed by doctors around the world, became the foundation of my recovery and sustained rehabilitation.

I have also incorporated stretching, strength training, and other lifestyle changes to help lose weight and manage muscular problems I had from my joints not working properly. Today, I have absolutely no discomfort, am very active, and am now at a healthy weight. I can ski in almost any terrain, bicycle 20+ miles a day, and can truly say that I have learned how to manage and overcome my severe joint problems.

My passion for public education about joint problems stems from the years of frustration that I experienced from not being properly diagnosed or advised of evidence-based treatment options. I have learned that there is a serious shortage of physicians who are trained to manage musculoskeletal conditions in the United States. This problem is compounded by the fact that physical therapy and nutritional supplements are underutilized and too many patients are exposed to harmful pharmaceuticals without being exposed to evidence-based alternative therapies first. In addition, because nutritional supplements are not strictly regulated in the United States, patients are frequently exposed to poor quality agents that have no or limited efficacy. Finally, I have learned that the average patient with joint problems does not understand the importance of the right kinds of exercise, stretching and weight loss to joint rehabilitation. I therefore became committed to helping others like me gain control of their lives through evidence-based self-management solutions.

In 2003, I became an International Bone and Joint Decade Patient Advocacy Leader and subsequently participated in the Beijing China and Ottawa Canada World Network Meetings. I am now the CEO and Founder of Supple, LLC, a cause-driven company with a mission to advance joint health education and research and to provide alternative treatment options to people with musculoskeletal concerns based on widely accepted evidence-based medicine. In 2010, Supple LLC joined the International Bone and Joint Decade as a Global Corporate Partner in Research and Education.

My passion to help others with bone and joint problems began with my own personal experiences but continues to grow because of the belief that my commitment can help thousands of others regain control.

Peter Apatow
Patient Advocate, CEO and Founder, Supple, LLC

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Linda K.

I just wanted to let you know that I have been on Supple® for almost five weeks and I am feeling so good. Five weeks ago I felt that nothing would make me better because I was in so much discomfort and I could barely walk. Now I feel better than I have in three years. I can walk, cross my legs and even shave my legs. I look forward to feeling even better after my next shipment.

Thank You for giving my life back to me and please keep my Supple® coming.

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Jodie P.

I've been using Supple® for two weeks or so now, and I have to say, I think it's incredible stuff.

I have had increasing upper back, and neck discomfort, aching in the jaw, and really bad discomfort in my wrists and hands due to years of computer work. I would wake up so stiff every morning, and I'm only 38!!

I noticed improvements very quickly after starting Supple®, and now two weeks later, I'm completely stiff-free!! My hand and wrist aching has eased immensely, and even my clicking and painful jaw is easing. I feel fantastic from my head down to my toes.

I can tell it's really working because I give myself the 'knee crunch test' every day. My knees have been really crunchy for years now when I move the joint back and forth. Now, with every day that goes by on Supple®, the crunch is just getting less and less.

I'm definitely going to recommend this product to all my friends. I know a lot of elderly people that this would especially benefit.

What an amazing product, it really works!

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Leland D.

I don't know if it is already working or not because it seems too good to be true! I have had sciatica problems, and my joints, and knees have hurt for quite some time. When I saw you on TV and you explained how this drink works, I felt I had to try it. I have been drinking other similar products which I purchase at Costco for several years. However, I do not think I got relief as fast as I am with Supple®. Like I said, seems like it's too good to be true, but I feel I am starting to feel better already. I take the Supple® when I go to the gym in the morning. I go to Curves, and I drink it while I exercise. I really feel it is making a difference!!!

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Cynthia P.

I've enjoyed drinking Supple® for about 2 months and can definitely feel a difference when I forget to drink it for a few days (oops!) Anyway, that lets me know that I cannot do without it.

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Anita Y.

I have severe back and hip discomfort due to spine problems. I really did not expect that Supple® would be helpful with this problem. I have been using Supple® about one month and these aches seem to be slightly less but the discomfort in my hands is definitely less. I am sold and will continue to use Supple®. Thanks.

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Rita P.

My oldest son who is 17 says, “Mom you must buy 100 cans of Supple® so I can have them daily!! I feel a huge difference in my body when I run!”.

My younger son who is a break dancer and is 14 says; "Mom, I just love the taste. I wish you would let me have more than one a day!! I like this better than soda!!".

Please extend my special thanks to your CEO, Peter Apatow!

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Alan D.

I have been taking Supple® for approximately 2 months and I am totally satisfied with the results. I am 43 years old and have been in discomfort with my knees for the last five years because of joint damage. This is the only thing that I have found that completely takes away my discomfort.

Thank you.

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Debbie S.

I've been taking Supple® for the last six weeks and just received my next auto ship. It has made a large difference in my life as far as being able to do daily chores. I am going to the doctor tomorrow and I'll be taking a can of Supple® with me to let him know what has helped my discomfort. Now Supple®'s a part of my every morning routine.

So the main reason I'm writing this is to say THANKS for making it available to the public.

I will continue to spread the word about this wonderful drink.

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For a couple of years now, I have had joint problems in my right knee, which is probably due to damage after a skiing accident, 40 years ago, where the doctor removed the inside cartilage of the right knee. My right knee has been getting worse for over a year and I could hardly walk. I couldn't straighten it or bend it more than 45 degrees. I remember that when it began to get worse, it popped, like some growths in the knee would hang up and then release with the popping feeling. I couldn't take the discomfort so I’d put my right leg on a supporting stool while sitting down. I have been drinking a can of Supple® everyday for only a short time and I have noticed the discomfort is more bearable and I can again straighten my right leg. I couldn't believe it. I am so happy that I found Supple®.

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Ellen L.

I am an Exercise Physiologist with a Masters Degree. I am 52 years old and have been training in every form of exercise from running to teaching 30 aerobic classes a week to spinning and step aerobics. Over the past 4 years my knees have been giving me alot of trouble. I had an MRI done and had shots and patches that did nothing. I saw the infomercial and said to myself, "What do I have to lose?" I stayed on the program religiously and was about half way through the initial shipment when I started to feel the difference. I thought I might try running again, which I have not done for the past four years. Well, not only am I back running but my training consists of interval sprints that if I do say for myself I am kicking butt in. I am thrilled! I was getting depressed thinking that this was the end of the road for me.

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Richard Z.

I love your product! Since I hit 40 I've been living with back discomfort and recently knee discomfort too. I'm going to be 50 this month and since Supple® my body feels better than it did at 40. I'm working as a beer vendor in the Tampa area and I thought I'd be lucky to finish this year because of the toll it takes on your body. I now plan to quit at 60.

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After seeing the commercial on TV I purchased your product, for the discomfort in my knees. I have been using Supple® since May and the need for all my usual remedies has stopped. Amazing!!!

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Russell G.

I didn't think this product would work. But the ache in my wrists and shoulders outweighed my disbelief. 35 days after Supple® my joints are much better. I just turned 60 and thought I would have to accept this condition due to getting older. I still paint houses for a living and I thought my days were numbered. I no longer feel that way.

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David M.

My name is David from Colorado Springs CO. I can’t believe how much Supple® has helped me out. I am in the Army and have bad knees. So I decided to try Supple® and shortly thereafter my discomfort was gone and my knees feel so much better. I was a little skeptical at first but figured I would try it anyway. I just ordered more of it today. I have had multiple knee procedures and nothing was working for me. This stuff is great thank you so much.

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I am 64 years old and have been having discomfort in my knees when I walk down stairs or work out. I tried glucosamine and chondroitin dietary supplements in pill form, but they never really worked for me. I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Apatow at a road show at one of the leading club stores. I took the Challenge and tried Supple® for 12 days. By the time I finished my 12 day supply, I had no more discomfort. Now, I feel incredible. I reordered online, have now been taking Supple® for about 45 days and feel fantastic. The taste is very nice too. Supple® is sweet and would be wonderful over ice or cut with water.

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William R.

I have received two orders of Supple® and I LOVE IT........... I have not found another product that helps my hip discomfort better than yours so thank you.

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Chris U.

My name is Chris and I am 58 yrs old. It all started back in November when I thought I had pulled a hamstring muscle. When I finally went to see the doctor in March, the doctor took ex-rays brought them in for me to look at. He asked me how long had I been in discomfort and I told him that it really started to hurt in January. He couldn't believe I was not in discomfort a lot longer than that. He showed me the ex-rays, he pointed out that all of my problems came from the hip joint. This came at such a bad time in my life because my husband and I are actually building our log home, just the two of us, and he needs me more than ever to help with the staining, painting and doing the popcorn on the ceiling and sanding the flooring while he goes to work every day. So far this year I have been lying in a recliner night and day; I burned out a brand new heating pad trying to keep the ache away from my hip.

I saw your program a few weeks ago and I ordered a seven week supply. I have only been on it for short time and already the small finger is starting to straighten out, and the large knot is shrinking. This is amazing, and I have been up and priming dry wall for two days now and putting on the popcorn. I have been out weed eating the drive way, and let me tell you that this drive way is on a very steep incline; you cannot get up the driveway unless you are in four wheel drive low. This is just a wonderful product you have. Thank You So Much. I cannot believe this product is helping my hip and hand joint. I can't believe I am up doing all this work. I have been telling my family and friends about this and what I have experienced so far. Again Thank You Peter. I don't know how you ever stood that terrible ache for that length of time, or how you even had any quality of life. My life has been miserable just in this past year; I can't even imagine suffering for that long. Even all the different therapies I have been on have not made me as comfortable as your Supple® has. Thank you so much for this product. I am a believer.

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Valerie A.

I have just given the 800 phone number to several friends who have observed my transformation from immovable being to running on the courts and walking without a limp.

Your Supple® drink has kept me out of the surgeon’s office and out of a wheelchair. It was my last bastion and by the grace of G-d your infomercial showed up on my TV and I was given another shot at life in the standing position.

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Glenn C.

I have been using your product for about 3-4 months and I love it. I have a product that I manufacture, bottle and sell. The product is White BBQ Sauce in 3 different flavors. My wife and I are the entire organization so we actually are the ones who make and bottle the sauces. We travel to a different Costco and do in-store demos and sales, after which we pack up and drive home to be in church the next morning. I was having a lot of aching in my knees and hip and since taking Supple® it is gone. I had carpel tunnel surgery a few years ago and was beginning to have discomfort in the same wrist plus the other wrist also. Most of that is gone as well. But the energy I get from Supple® is fantastic. As I mentioned, we are very busy and stressed and without Supple® I am not certain I would have been able to continue. The real selling point for me was the 7 day guarantee. And it worked! Thanks so much and God Bless!

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Deb M.

I have joint problems in my back and one knee; I was really suffering and unable to exercise other than swimming. I was taking another over the counter product everyday to control the symptoms. I have been drinking Supple® for 48 days now, and I really notice a significant difference. I'm not nearly as stiff, and the ache has lessened dramatically and I am beginning to use my tread mill again. I believe with continued use I may be able to discontinue taking my other remedies altogether and get back to doing what I love; gardening, and hiking again with my dogs.

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Jim S.

I sure don't want to have to go without it! I've tried over the counter products that make the same claims as Supple® but the difference is night and day! Speaking of night, I now HAVE to use an alarm clock for the first time in over 20 years, because now I sleep so soundly. I feel that this quality sleep has helped my quality of life as much as any other benefit I've gotten from Supple®.

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Tricia T.

I saw your ad on television and was very skeptical but figured, what do I have to lose. I broke my kneecap about 20+ years ago playing volleyball! Since that time, I have had major trouble with my knees, can hardly stand after sitting long periods of time (I'm a secretary), almost falling when I get up. So I ordered your product. Within 2 weeks, I bent down to pick something up. I COULD GET UP WITHOUT USING HELP!!!!!! I am so amazed. I just ordered my second batch and am telling everyone I know. My sister couldn't believe the difference in my knees and the minimized discomfort and the ability to do more!!!! She just placed an order! So, since I was soooooooo skeptical, I figured I better tell you how happy I am with your product. Thank you so much!

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Kathleen F.

I recommended Supple® to my father who has hand and wrist problems for 20 years. He has been having most of the trouble with it at night, keeping him from sleeping through the night. Also, he had lost much of the feeling in his fingers. Now, my dad is 90 years old, so I didn't expect wonders, but wonders is what we're seeing! After being on Supple®, he started to notice a difference in the ache he was experiencing at night. More recently, he has been sleeping through the night. And now he tells me that he can even sleep on his left side which he hasn't been able to do for years. Even more amazing is that he is getting feeling back in his fingers! I am astounded!

I also recommended Supple® to my sister who has the identical joint problems that I had. She has been on over the counter remedies for years. She told me the other day that after being on Supple® for about 2 weeks, she stopped taking her remedies, and she is discomfort free! You have the most amazing product! I love telling people about it!

You have the most amazing product! I love telling people about it!

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Barbara P.

I just want to say this is the best stuff ever. I have very bad discomfort in my knees and your product has given me my life back. The ache is gone on most days.

Thank you very much

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Sheree D.

I feel that I have to tell you how well your product is working for my husband! He has had so much discomfort in both of his knees for the last 10 years and he started taking 'Osteo Bi-Flex' several years ago with little or no change in his discomfort. When he started drinking Supple®, he could tell a difference in approximately 2 weeks! He drinks a can of it every day and is extremely happy with the results! Thank you so very much!

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Tell Peter that this is the best thing I ever tried. It really works! I am 44 yrs old and felt like 66 until I started drinking Supple®. I am feeling great. For 3 years I stayed home all the time because I could hardly walk or stand due to such great discomfort. My orthopedic doctor was no help; I guess he thought it was all in my head. But Wow! I can even run again! Thank You Peter!!

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Edie B.

I tried Supple® last fall, and found a huge improvement in my aching hip! When I ran out, I got busy and forgot to reorder. I just got back from a 2 day getaway and my hip is killing me! I remembered how much better I felt when I was on your product. So, my question is, why do you not do follow up on people like me, when your records show the supply must have run out long ago. I would have continued had I gotten a reminder call or e-mail.

Thanks, I anxiously await my next shipment!

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Rose F.

I am taking Supple® to help my knee, but was most pleased to find it has been a huge relief for the tendonitis in my hand when I am typing at work. It is nice to see tangible results.

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Judy A.

I’ve been drinking Supple® with my medication and vitamins for over 6 weeks. About three weeks ago, the stiffness and discomfort from my joint problems disappeared. This is the best I’ve felt in over 2 years. I would like, if at all possible, to help hurting individuals know how Supple® can help them.

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Debbie O.

My husband has joint problems and he has tried many things. Some helped him, some showed little help. But since he has been drinking Supple® I can tell the biggest difference in him. He can open and close his hands much better. He even feels so much better overall. By the grace of God Supple® has made a world of difference in my husband's physical health. It is a wonderful thing to find a product that actually works. And I am a witness to the fact that it does work. I have been telling others about the benefits of Supple® already. Thank you for coming up with something that actually has the best interest of its consumers in mind. My husband really enjoys the relief he has experienced from using Supple®.

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P. W.

Back in July my husband was hospitalized and had nothing to do but watch TV and infomercials. Yours came on and he immediately called me at home and said “You have to see this, you have to try this.” Well, I am a 40 yr old mother of a 9 yr old son. I had my hip rebuilt at the age of 20. I was in so much discomfort and could hardly get out of bed in the morning; I could not even put my socks on.

Long story short, I tried Supple®, thought “what the heck, it comes with a money back guarantee, what do I have to lose.” I noticed the difference very quickly! Then I thought, maybe it was in my mind, because I wanted it so much to work, but after some time, I was convinced.

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Joyce H.

Presently I'm walking with NO DISCOMFORT at all for the first time in more than 7 years. Dispite extensive therapy, I have had aching ever since the early 2000's. Doctors have said not to go up and down steps anymore, but heck, I'm going up and down with no problem and no discomfort. I have always believed in glucosamine and chondroitin but due to my allergy of shellfish I just didn't get along with it well.

With all of my joint and muscle problems it's hard to determine just what is bothering me when. At times I was packing my legs in ice just for relief. I didn't feel the doctors knew what they were talking about and needed to try to treat myself.

I began water aerobics but still had some problems, I get auriculotherapy regularly which I know helps but I was still having leg, knee and joint problems. I just felt I needed glucosamine and chondroitin!! So your Supple® answered my call. After about a month the relief was remarkable!

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Deborah C.

In November of 2005, I woke up one day with what felt like a sprained knee. Since the ache came and went, I kept hoping it would get better and took several months to get to a doctor. I finally found out I had a torn meniscus and had surgery to remove the meniscus in July of 2006. During the surgery, the doctor found a lot of damaged and frayed cartilage and "shaved it down." Ever since that, I have had terrible ache and stiffness in my knee. I'd been needing a cane to walk for over a year. The doctor tried giving me cortisone shots twice, but they never helped. Because of the ache and stiffness, I tended to walk with a limp, which made my flexibility even worse -- I couldn't straighten out my right leg at all. I was out of shape before the surgery, but with the knee problems, have grown even more out of shape because of my difficulty with walking.

After four weeks of drinking Supple®, the discomfort in my knee is reduced by well over 50% and I have regained much flexibility. I still can't straighten my leg all the way, but I stretch it more and more each day and it is very nearly straight. If things keep improving the way they are, I think I may have full motion in another month. My aching has been reduced enough that I think I can start doing a little walking again, so I'm looking forward to that, as the weight I've put on since the surgery has not helped discomfort in my knee at all.

A month ago, I could not bend my knee all the way and there was no way I could kneel down on my knee without excruciating discomfort. Last week, I briefly knelt for the first time in nearly two years!

I had tried taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements before, but never had as much improvement as I have seen with the Supple®...not to mention I enjoy the peach-mango flavor as a treat each day.

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David R.

My name is David. I am 47 years old and have worked hard most of my life using hand and power tools. I am also a new customer. I recently started using your product. The ache in my shoulder is already about 90% gone and the discomfort in my hands are about 25% gone.

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Charles K.

I am a union ironworker and most of the time I am strained when on the job. Over the years most ironworkers wind up having to seek medical help of some sort associated with the stress on the joints associated with working in a strain constantly. I saw your infomercial recently and said “what the heck”, it might relieve the stiffness I was starting to finally feel in my back and joints. This stuff works!! Incredible!! Every day is a better day!!! Who said informational shows are just con-artist rip-offs. Not yours. Supple® is working for me!!

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Dean V.

I recently purchased Supple® for my 85 year old Mother who has been seeing a doctor for joint problems for years. Shortly after starting Supple, she noticed marked improvement; Even her physical therapist told her she no longer needed her services. I am amazed.

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Marilyn Z.

I happened to see your Supple® advertisement on Direct TV and decided to try it. I have used joint supplements (pill form) for years and they have definitely helped me. I am 66 years young and ride my horses about 5 times a week. Last year, I injured my left hip dismounting and have had pain ever since. The chiropractor put me back in place, but I was finding it very uncomfortable to be in the saddle for more than 10 minutes at a time. I was wondering if my riding days were over.

Well, I decided to give your product a try. I was amazed that shortly after starting Supple, I didn't feel discomfort in my hip anymore. And now I have no more problems at all!! I had to take over the counter agents to sleep at nights, but I have stopped that also. It is a wonderful product. I am very thrilled with it. I have no discomfort at all already when riding! Just amazing.....

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Brian P.

I have been using Supple® religiously since summer of 2008, and my knee discomfort and immobility have improved dramatically. I’ve followed your three pronged approach: drinking Supple®, stretching/strengthening exercises, and weight loss. I’ve not done “my part” in the way of weight loss, but plan to get serious about that this year. I’m thinking that if my results have been this good so far, just imagine the effect of shedding these extra 45 pounds.

Thanks much—I also appreciate that you now offer a lower cost powder version of Supple®.

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Gene F.

After drinking only a few cans of Supple®, the effect is amazing. Let me explain, I am 82 years young. I have developed some longstanding problems in several of my joints, the worse and most achy were my right index finger (not only swollen but the second joint was locking up on me several times a day) and left thumb. Both hurt all the time. Well.... now the discomfort and flexibility have improved, and the locking index finger has succumbed to the "Supple® key" and no longer locks... What relief !!!!!

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