James B.

I’m recovering from a bone marrow transplant with stage 4 leukemia and I could not walk very well. After trying Supple, I can walk a straight line now. I’m walking better than I ever have since the transplant. Supple made a huge difference to where even my head doctor at Ann Arbor, Michigan Cancer Center said, “Hey, […]

Rita W.

I’ve had joint problems for many years and doctors just gave me pills that did not get rid of the discomfort. I always had trouble sleeping because the discomfort was so bad. After being on Supple for a week, I started getting the results of wonderful… My discomfort is now bearable, it’s not as bad, […]

Dennis A.

Supple tastes delicious. Slowly my joint problems had gotten so bad in my shoulder, my right elbow, my wrist, many joints in my body, just hurt so bad that I couldn’t sleep between two to four hours a night for the last four to five years. The fact is I’ve felt better in my shoulder, in […]

Donna Z.

Supple was one of the sponsors at an Arthritis Foundation walk. Taking Supple was a miracle to me. I could get up in the morning and I could walk right away, I could come down the steps and walk without bad discomfort. I noticed a marked improvement very quickly with a lot less discomfort and a lot […]

Blossom G.

Supple is super. It works so well. We could see a change in my mother-in-law. She had problems in her fingers and part of her knee too. She can move those fingers now, she can bend them and, the hook — the way they were hooked, it’s not that way anymore. She can straighten them out, now. […]

Mary C.

The cartilage level in my hip was a problem and I was in a lot of hurt.  And, now with the Supple drink, I don’t have the hurt. The cartilage level is an issue, but my hip feels good since I’ve been taking Supple. – Mary C.

Frank C.

I had fallen and crushed the knee joint. I had been laid up for about 4 months. The bones healed but I still didn’t feel good. Since I’ve been taking Supple, I have felt great. I’m walking, doing fine. I’ve been really faithful taking Supple every day. – Frank C.

Larry S.

The bones in my knees were rubbing together. The cartilage was kind of worn out. I’m 73 and I had farmed for 50 years so that took a toll on them. My knees were bothering me, but they’re a lot better now. I get along pretty good now that I’m on the Supple drink. – Larry S.

Debby P.

I was a teacher. I was shocked at how much better my knee was feeling when I started taking Supple. People started noticing. They said, you’re walking better. I will probably be on it for my life because I’m just so appreciative about how I can get downstairs now, climb stairs, and walk really fast […]

Linda C.

I’m really pleased with the results I’ve gotten with Supple. I was a little skeptical. I was hardly able to get back and forth from room-to-room.  And, I thought well, it’s worth a try. So I got online and ordered the 24-day supply and I’ve got 2 cans left. Now, I’m able to get around […]