Supple is the answer to the U.S. quality problems that continue

A  study was done of 16 “pharma grade” chondroitin raw material samples. Samples were from the USA, China, Germany and Brazil. (Cunha, 2015)


of the samples had less than 15% chondroitin. They should have had at least 90% pure chondroitin. NONE of the products had in them what was stated on their labels.

Chondroitin can come from a range of animal tissues. This can lead to big differences in products sold to consumers. Methods of production can vary as well. This can result in different content, purity, clinical efficacy, and safety in consumer products.

Another study from 2015 discussed how some products contain a very small amount of chondroitin. Among samples with higher amounts, in vitro testing showed widely varying effects. Some showed weak effects. Some even made conditions worse. Therefore, chondroitin sulfate product quality should be regulated and standardized, but it is not. (Martel-Pelletier, 2015)