I had real joint problems that affected my quality of life every day. And I couldn’t find safe answers in our healthcare system. As a result, I searched the entire world for safe medical best practices backed by published clinical research and established clinical effectiveness. I found solutions that worked for millions of people and also really worked for me.


Having been on Supple for over 10 years, TurboFlex for over 2 years, I can say I feel the difference every day. These effective supplements along with strategies to maintain a healthy weight, strength and flexibility have provided the foundation for me to continue to have an amazing and very active lifestyle. Above all, helping you to safely and affordably achieve your highest level of joint functioning possible as you age is my greatest passion. I challenge you to try Supple risk-free so you can feel the difference for yourself. Your complete satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.

Peter Apatow
Patient Advocate & Creator of Supple