Supple Customer Reviews

Here at Supple, we’re happy to provide Supple reviews from people who have been looking for a way to reclaim their quality of life. Many of these Supple customers were searching for a safe way to solve their joint problems, improve their mobility, protect their joints, and boost their energy. The testimonials below are the unbiased experiences of actual Supple customers and reflect the typical results consumers can expect from product use. We strive to provide the highest quality ingredients and customer service to all of our customers. You can meet actual users through these Supple reviews or get a great deal on Supple Here!

Reviews From Customers Like You!

I love Supple. I really think it’s worth it for anybody who has any kind of joint problems where they want to manage it safely.

– Cathy C.

I love Supple. It’s worked wonderfully for me. I’ve already given 8 cans away because it was so successful with me.

– Nancy C.

I saw results a lot faster than I ever expected to with Supple. I could tell there was something different going on. I’m a school teacher and I share about Supple with other people that I know have joint problems.

– Freddie G.

I play golf and I play tennis, which is pretty remarkable at age 81. I had been blessed with wonderful health until sore joints suddenly hit me. Then I tried Supple and it has really just been wonderful. I tell you, it’s worth every cent.

– Prudence M.

Supple is delicious. My life has changed since I started to take Supple. I’m a different woman now. I like to put on make up. I like to get dressed up. It really works. I recommend it to everyone. I’m like new. Don’t have any doubts. If you have joint problems, try it because it really does work.

– Gloria G.

It tastes so great. I was going to the doctor for knee problems. He recommended cortisone shots and they really didn’t do anything for me. Supple was the best thing out that I’ve ever done for myself because it helped my knees and my hands.

– Patricia D.

Working at the Arthritis Foundation, I’ve been able to turn a lot of people on to Supple through our events. I’ve heard just very many stories like myself, people that have had their lives dramatically changed. Supple has really solved my discomfort problem from when I do gardening.

– Tony W.

I really love supple. It really saved me. Supple tastes good, I enjoy it. After the first week, I could sleep. What you spend on doctors, the price of Supple is worth every nickel, every nickel. As much as I love my television, I’ll shut my tv off before I’ll give up drinking Supple. That’s how much faith I have in it. It really, really works.

– Sharon H.

Supple works. I am a carpenter. I started taking Supple and now I am walking, running, working, exercising, bending, doing what I want and I feel great. I’ve been telling everybody about Supple.

– Roy G.

We checked with our family doctor about Supple and he said that there’s nothing in it that will hurt you. He said to go ahead and use it. I just want to say that Supple is helping my wife.

– Ross A.

I’m 73 now. Supple helped my knee feel better. It was amazing to me. You need to give it enough time.

– Carolyn B.

I think Supple is a wonderful product. I had many joint problems and am better now. You can’t go wrong with it. Supple really works.

– Martin B.

I have had problems in my hips. I ordered Supple through the TV and it really helped me. I could feel the difference. I’m 86 years old.

– Grace M.

I’ve been taking the Supple drink and it has helped me 100 percent. I love it. It’s helped me walk better. My whole body feels like a different person.

– Monda S.

I had joint problems for 5 years and walking was difficult. With Supple, I’m back walking better and I’m getting around now. Supple does work.

– Carolyn B.

I have had real joint problems in my hands. Since I’ve taken Supple, I can wake up in the morning and do something. With Supple, I’m not hurting.

– Inge K.

I’ve been hurting for about 25 years and I had gotten to the place where I could hardly get around. Supple has helped me a lot. It’s wonderful stuff.

– Emma Jean Z.

I’m a nurse and Supple does work. It’s good quality and it tastes good. It is wonderful and I have definitely seen an improvement. I’m telling every one of my friends.

– Sara P.

Supple has done wonders. With Supple, I sleep all night.  I’m 78. I can’t believe it is working so good and so fast. I just love this stuff. I don’t want to ever be without it.

– Wanda H.

I ran out of Supple and when I was off of it for a week or so, I was hurting very badly. I went back on Supple and almost immediately I had relief.

– Charles S.

I’m 68 years old. Supple has helped me walk so much better that I will be a lifetime customer. I always go to the store carrying a can of Supple and I’ve seen people just write down the number and call them up right there. So I’m just thrilled. Everybody should know about it.

– Ellen G.

I’ve been taking Supple for just about a year and this does the job for me. One doctor told me, “don’t quit taking it.” I couldn’t believe it when I start taking it. I’m 74 years old. I’ve told a lot of people about Supple. It’s helped me 90 percent or better.

– Harvey K.

Supple is, probably, the most amazing stuff I’ve ever drank in my life. It is good and it works. I’m just 55. My knees were really, really bad. With Supple, great results. I’ve tried everything. I don’t normally speak highly of stuff, but Supple works.

– James M.

I will be 82 years old. I look forward to drinking Supple. I’ve given 3 cans of Supple away and people love the taste. I’ve had great experience with it. I want to get the book; I feel the importance of those exercises now.

– Mary B.

I had been taking Supple for months and accidentally went out of town without it for about 6 days. My joints felt a lot worse. Then, when I started drinking Supple again, I got better. This is why I think Supple does work.

– Linda S.

My husband has a tree service and I was having trouble with my knee and his customer said, have you ever tried the Supple joint drink? I said, no, I never heard of it. She gave me a can. Now I can’t be without it.

– Andrea M.

I just felt bad about, every day, having to take dangerous pills. With Supple, I don’t have to do that. I noticed a difference after about a week. But, after three weeks, I felt great.

– Suzanne P.

Well, it kept me out of a nursing home and i’m still on the farm, where i want to be. Go ahead and try it, you got nothing to lose, and if it does what it did to me, Supple will be what you want.

– Raymond C.

I feel a lot better. I feel good every day. It’s helped my joints, really, a lot.

– William M.

I’ve had joint problems since I was 18. Supple makes a big difference.

– Dwayne C.

By drinking Supple and with my rehabilitation, I have not had to have any knee replacement. My knee feels normal again.

– Phyllis K.

Supple has done wonders. I’m real proud of it. Now, I can do most anything I want to do with Supple.

– Lorena O.

Within two weeks, I could tell the difference. Plus, it’s got a lot of vitamins and and it gave me energy and it kept me out of the doctor’s office. I wouldn’t know what to do without Supple. It has really, really helped me.

– Beatrice A.

The problem is, I would always do every activity that I wanted to do and I paid for it later. Now, I just don’t pay for it later, as much. It’s made a world of difference. That’s what sold me, was how great Supple tastes. Supple is amazing.

– Adam W.

I really like Supple. Supple is wonderful.

– Iva H.

My Supple joint drink has helped me a whole lot.

– Dorcas K.

It tastes just wonderful. I love the taste of Supple.

– Ann B.

I use cans of Supple as ammunition against my discomfort.

– Manuel O.

Supple really works good. My hand is well. It’s working.

– Murry D.

I’m feeling much, much better now with Supple. My knees feel a lot better.

– Lillian R.

I really like Supple and it’s really working for me. I love it. It’s so good.

– Jacqueline C.

I just wanted to tell you all my husband really does like Supple. He loves it.

– Nadine M.

Supple is very good. I’ve been feeling better and I’ve been going to the swimming pool.

– Martha R.

My wife is taking Supple. Now, she’s a number one. It’s unbelievable. She drinks one a day.

– Alfred E.

Supple works excellent for me. I love Supple. I’m so happy for it and I do tell people about it.

– Charlesetta L.

Since I began the Supple program, I have never had in this whole year what I call a flare up.

– Karen K.

My wife started drinking Supple and she got to where she could move around pretty good.

– James B.

With Supple, I do feel good and a difference in my right knee, which was getting a little sore.

– Evelyn C.

Supple is good stuff. I’ve recommended it to my employees and people that have joint problems. I’m very fond of this Supple drink.

– Irma M.

Supple seems to be helping me. I have had such problems with my hands hurting and, knock on wood, they’ve been fine since I started drinking one Supple each day.

– Esta M.

Supple has helped me walk better. If I miss it for a couple of days, I can definitely tell the difference. Many doctors have told me if it works, don’t stop and then every one of them writes the name Supple down. You don’t fight something that works. In the last year and a half, I have my 7-year-old grandson living with me. I’m 70 years old. Now I can walk up all 3 flights of steps to my condo.

– Barbara W.

I’m 68 years old. I’m an ironworker. Because of very old injuries, I have been unable to sleep at night. Sleeping an hour and a half, waking up and rolling over. The Lord guided me to the Supple joint drink infomercial because Supple seems to be working. Supple is helping a lot.  If Supple is doing what I think it’s doing, it’s starting to help my golf game, which is very welcome.

– Gary C.

I’m 94 years old and I feel great. I haven’t felt like this in 75 years. It’s hard for somebody that hasn’t gone through what I have to explain that to them.  The Supple joint drink is the first thing I’ve taken in years because no doctors have helped me. I haven’t had anything since World War II. You can’t beat Supple, man.

– Albert S.

My dad is a lawyer in India. He had trouble sleeping and walking. He had to sleep with a pillow underneath his back.  It was hard to stand up or turn left or right. A short time after starting on Supple, he could walk better, sleep better and, felt 80 percent better. Now, he says he is fine, energetic, and feels good.

– Sangeeta P.

When I would sit for very long and get up, I would just be so stiff in my hips and walk like an old lady, which I am. But, with Supple, I could tell the difference and it’s just wonderful. It’s so much better than taking the pills, you know. You take vitamins and take something for blood pressure and you just get so sick of taking pills, and it just tastes so good, and it works so well.

– Edie R.

The Supple drink has done more for me than anything I have ever had before. Supple is great. The taste is wonderful. I love it. I’m 83 years old and Supple is just wonderful. Somebody told me, “I heard it on TV about trying Supple.” And, I thought, well, I’ll go ahead and order it. And I did, and I love it. It’s done wonders for me. I’m telling everybody about it.

– Barbara H.

Supple is really doing good. I have more mobility. I had to sit down, sometimes 3 times, before I could get up off my sofa. Now I can get up the first time. So, really, I see progress. I do feel better.

– Verta B.

My wife was shocked. She took Supple and for the first time in years, she didn’t have joint problems that woke her up at night. She’s very impressed with it. Supple does seem to work.

– Richard B.

I’m really pleased with the results I’ve gotten with Supple. I was a little skeptical. I was hardly able to get back and forth from room-to-room.  And, I thought well, it’s worth a try. So I got online and ordered the 24-day supply and I’ve got 2 cans left. Now, I’m able to get around in every room feeling great. It’s incredible. I appreciate Supple. It works.

– Linda C.

I was a teacher. I was shocked at how much better my knee was feeling when I started taking Supple. People started noticing. They said, you’re walking better. I will probably be on it for my life because I’m just so appreciative about how I can get downstairs now, climb stairs, and walk really fast if I need to. I feel awesome.

– Debby P.

The bones in my knees were rubbing together. The cartilage was kind of worn out. I’m 73 and I had farmed for 50 years so that took a toll on them. My knees were bothering me, but they’re a lot better now. I get along pretty good now that I’m on the Supple drink.

– Larry S.

I had fallen and crushed the knee joint. I had been laid up for about 4 months. The bones healed but I still didn’t feel good. Since I’ve been taking Supple, I have felt great. I’m walking, doing fine. I’ve been really faithful taking Supple every day.

– Frank C.

The cartilage level in my hip was a problem and I was in a lot of hurt.  And, now with the Supple drink, I don’t have the hurt. The cartilage level is an issue, but my hip feels good since I’ve been taking Supple.

– Mary C.

Supple is super. It works so well. We could see a change in my mother-in-law. She had problems in her fingers and part of her knee too. She can move those fingers now, she can bend them and, the hook — the way they were hooked, it’s not that way anymore. She can straighten them out, now.

– Blossom G.

Supple was one of the sponsors at an Arthritis Foundation walk. Taking Supple was a miracle to me. I could get up in the morning and I could walk right away, I could come down the steps and walk without bad discomfort. I noticed a marked improvement very quickly with a lot less discomfort and a lot more agility. It has been a life-changer and a true, true miracle. I would recommend this to anybody. This is the best thing I have ever found.

– Donna Z.

Supple tastes delicious. Slowly my joint problems had gotten so bad in my shoulder, my right elbow, my wrist, many joints in my body, just hurt so bad that I couldn’t sleep between two to four hours a night for the last four to five years. The fact is I’ve felt better in my shoulder, in my wrist, my ankles… I believe it was 10 days… Is all it took. Now, I’m working much harder, more hours a day, all in a month’s period, it’s just incredible to me, with no doctor’s assistance.

– Dennis A.

I’ve had joint problems for many years and doctors just gave me pills that did not get rid of the discomfort. I always had trouble sleeping because the discomfort was so bad. After being on Supple for a week, I started getting the results of wonderful… My discomfort is now bearable, it’s not as bad, the swelling has gone down in my fingers, my ankle doesn’t hurt as bad. And I really, truly want to thank you, Supple, for whatever this drink is, it is a miracle drink.

– Rita W.

I’m recovering from a bone marrow transplant with stage 4 leukemia and I could not walk very well. After trying Supple, I can walk a straight line now. I’m walking better than I ever have since the transplant. Supple made a huge difference to where even my head doctor at Ann Arbor, Michigan Cancer Center said, “Hey, if that’s working, you just keep using it.”

– James B.